Choosing The Best Wedding Linens

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Tablecloth – Table runner and napkin. Three words which form the world of linen rentals. Today we’ll set up a guide to tell you which will help you choose best wedding linens for your wedding.

Make It a Priority

Most people make a mistake of post posing this vital detail of wedding aspect, till the last minute. According to them, this is a “luxury” and will only spend money, if some wedding budget is left out.

Dear Sir/Ma’am. A wedding is one of the most important functions in the life of an average human being. Wedding linens are not a luxury. Choosing the right linen rentals make everything in accordance with the wedding theme.

How Many Tables?

Before making up the mind to just go and decide the wedding linens, you should know about the quantity of tables you’ll require. The thing about wedding linens and wedding chair cover rentals is that, they come in all shapes and sizes so there’s a chance of buying more or less than you require.

To know how many table, you’ll be needing for the function, make a guest list and picture them fitting across tables (usually in combinations of 6 and 8.) You will get your required answer.

What Color Do You Want?

Linens are available in almost every color. You can either match or contrast with the theme. For example, if the theme is black. You can use white table linens to give a sharp contrast

  • For spring weddings, pick the colors which give a fresh vibe.
  • If it’s a summer theme wedding, go for bright colored linen, neutrally balanced by a color combination.
  • Crisp autumn weddings go well with black color, teamed up with burnt orange.
  • Shades of blue with white are a very popular choice in winter gatherings.

Lighting Factor

Many people pick good colors of linen but fail to acknowledge the lighting effect inside the wedding hall. Adding top notch finesse in the function requires a garnish of lighting effects, both for wedding linens and wedding chair cover rentals.

It is recommended to test your linen in both natural and artificial light in order to see the feasibility of wedding chair cover rentals.

Do Something New

A wedding is an important and a memorable function. You don’t need to follow all the rules mentioned here. Be creative – do something exotic. Use your imagination and mix versatile designs. You can even take help of a graphic designer.

When you’ll have the pattern, you can give it to the manufacturer and the manufacturer, would in turn supply you with the linens. Who knows! You might get a credit of creativity by your friends.

Taking Recommendations from Friends and Family

Seek advice from your friends and family. Don’t forget to ask those people who have experience in wedding planning.

Also, scout for new ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

All the above mentioned tips indicate that linens can either make up your wedding like a well-tuned symphony or throw away all the happy vibe. Be sure to seek advice from wedding chair cover rentals.

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All you want to know about table arrangements for a wedding party

How to arrange the tables in a wedding party has become a serious matter for which a solution has to be found out without hurting anybody involved. There are two common approaches now in vogue. In the recent years sweetheart type table arrangement has become more popular. The other one is the traditional U-shaped table, also known as head table.  For arranging the table and chairs in the above mentioned patterns, it is necessary to get help from either party table rentals or wedding table rentals.

Head table arrangement

In the classical head table arrangement a rectangular table is set up in the front position of the wedding reception using the tables rented out from table rentals. People sitting at such tables are looking at the rest of the tables.  The head table included the bride and the groom and the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the groomsmen, the best man etc.  It can also include the junior bridesmaid and the flower girl. When the head table system is followed it will be better if the entire wedding party sit together for dinner. In this arrangement the guests, no doubt can get a view of the new couple. It will be a pleasure to see all the bridesmaids together in their pretty dresses and jewelry. This arrangement is very convenient for toasts and speeches which will be kicked off by the best man. It has been found that the head table seating arrangement is well suited for wedding receptions.

Sweetheart table arrangement

Sweetheart table arrangement is another system in which the wedding party can sit with other significant in the guests. If there is a sweetheart table, the newlyweds sit at one or two small tables.  These tables will be rented from wedding table rentals in va and placed at prominent positions and will be elevated on a stage. Some couples prefer the privacy and romance available at the sweetheart table. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen are scattered here and there throughout the guests.

Serious drawback of this arrangement is that it really isolate the bride and groom form the guests. This is very true if it is set on a stage. Truly, a wedding reception has to give importance to hospitality rather than eating the dinner.  In fact, the guest will not be interested to meet the newly wedded couple as they are sitting away in a romantic mood.

A third arrangement will be to  avoid all the above well known arrangements and go for a system in which bride and groom will not be at head table or sweet heart table,  but will be at a regular table. This arrangement is now considered as an elegant arrangement considering the dilemma associated with the other two popular arrangements.

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How To Plan a Party Like a Pro

party rentals

Have you ever been to an amazing party where everything just seems so perfect? Like everything is going on so smoothly and the guests are having good time, and the food tastes like heaven, and the drinks are perfectly chilled? And above all, the party host is not even breaking a sweat. Well, it is easy to attend such party, but hosting such great party is not an easy task. You need to do a lot of planning, and have to execute your plans properly to host a perfect party. As a host, you need to look after party venue, menu, guest list, party decoration, party rentals, lightings, music etc. Everything needs to be planned, and plan needs to be executed properly.

Throw a party like pro

Party planning is not a difficult task. It is possible to host a wonderful party with right approach. You need to think like a professional. By doing this, you will be able to save time, money and effort. There are smart ways of hosting a successful party. If you understand the nitty-gritty of party hosting, you will not only be able to host an amazing party, but you will also be able to have fun at your own party. Check out the below mentioned tips before you start planning your party:

Create the guest list

No matter if you are hosting a small dinner party or a big event, it is very much important to prepare a guest list. It becomes very easy to plan everything, if you have a clear idea about the number of guests. Next, prepare invitations, and invite your guests.

Hire any help

It is not possible to handle everything on your own. You need professional help to do certain task, for example: Catering. Thus, do not hesitate in hiring professionals for respective tasks.

Decide on a theme

If you are planning to host a themed party, decide party theme in advance. You need to make further arrangements as per the party theme.

Set out the menu

Food is the heart and soul of every party. It is important to prepare a party menu as soon as possible, so that you can complete shopping on time.

Compile a playlist

Music is another important aspect of the party. Prepare a playlist with party songs to create an ultimate party aura.

Count your crockery

You need to make sure that you have proper crockery. It is mandatory to have glassware, silverware, china etc. for the party. It is best to opt for party china rentals to avoid inconvenience.

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How Do You Rent A Wedding Tent?

wedding decoration

Hosting a wedding is a big task. There are plenty of things that needed to be handled at the same time. One of the most important things that need attention while planning wedding is wedding tent rentals. If it is an outdoor venue, then tent rental is mandatory. You cannot host a wedding reception without having backup plan for sudden change in weather condition.

Renting wedding tents

Renting a wedding tent is a daunting and expensive task. In order to rent the right tent, you need to consider the size, shape, color, material and style of the tent. And it is not easy to find a tent that matches with all your specifications.

When to rent a wedding tent

If you have planned to host an outdoor wedding, then you should probably plan about renting the wedding tent as soon as you finalize your wedding venue. It is important to keep the wedding tent rental budget, because tent rentals are quite expensive.

Once you book your outdoor wedding venue, examine the venue to decide what kind of tent will be right for the place. Keep your budget, wedding decoration theme, and number of guests in mind while deciding the type of wedding tent.

Research about the types and styles of the tents available on the market, then finalize one as soon as you can. It is good to book the tent in the advance (you may get good discount). So, book your wedding tent at least 3 to 4 months before wedding date.

What type of tent you should rent

There are plenty of things that you need to consider while choosing the right tent for your wedding venue. The most popular tent types are:

Framed tents: Framed tents are made from fabrics and pipes. The fabrics are draped on the pipes to provide the structure to the tents. These tents are quite expensive, but create an isolated party space. Also, these tents are best for rich and royal wedding decorations.

Canopies: Canopies are the most popular tent rental choice. These tents are tied with the help of ropes. It is budget friendly tent rental option as well.

Clear top tents: Clear top tents are basically framed tents, they just have transparent ceilings. These tents are very expensive. But if you want to host wedding under stars, then clear-top tents can fulfill your fairytale wedding wish. All you need to do is to find the best tent rental company.

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Sensational Ways to Dress Up Your Wedding Chairs

wedding rental company

If you have started your wedding reception planning, you have probably understood how important it is to pay attention over every single detail. You will be told to select everything from the linen colors and wedding rental company to the centerpiece and your signature cocktails. Snowed under with all these decisions, it is easy to forget about wedding chair decoration.

Pretty ways to decorate your wedding chairs

Chair decoration is one of the most overlooked details of wedding planning. People opt for the most beautiful wedding chair rentals, but they always forget about the chair decoration. In fact, wedding table decoration is incomplete without proper chair decoration. With the help of correct embellishments, it is possible to transform the standard chairs into adorable decoration item. There are many items with which you can jazz up the appearance of your chairs, and synchronize your chairs with the wedding decoration theme.

While there is nothing wrong with keeping rented chairs just the way they come, it is always nice to pay attention over every single detail of the wedding decoration. That’s how you can make you can make your wedding reception to standout.

Wedding chair decoration ideas

Use lace and burlap

If you have rustic wedding decoration theme, burlap and lace can enhance the beauty of your wedding decoration. These props make a beautiful yet simple combination that provides flair to chairs.

Jazz up with wreath

Wreath can be an adorable addition to your chair décor. The wreath made from delicate blossom and leaves can be ultimate for your outdoor wedding.

Try mason jars

If you are looking for something different, decorate your chairs with mason jars. Simply hang jars with flowers on chairs. This will have stunning impact on your overall wedding decoration.

Tie ribbons

In case you already have rented beautiful chairs of but want a simple update, then you can use colorful ribbons to decorate them. It is the easiest way to decorate chairs.

Give classic look with fabric

Sheer fabrics look superb on the back of chairs. You can drape fabrics in any style that you want. Use light shades to create classy décor.

Go royal with pearls

If you are ready to spend on wedding chair decoration, then you should decorate chairs with pearls. Along with wedding chair rentals, you can rent pearl accessories for decoration.

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How to plan and host cocktail party

 cocktail party

Are you planning a cocktail party? Do you want your cocktail party to be perfect? Well, if so, then you need to spend time on cocktail party planning. Every party requires different type of planning. As a host, it is your responsibility to understand the nitty-gritty of the party. You need to go for special cocktail party rentals, decoration, music, food etc. It is possible to host a great party by putting time and effort in party planning.

Things to know when hosting a cocktail party

Cocktail parties are amazing for treating friends and business associates. They are also apt for open houses and wedding receptions, on an average cocktail party lasts for 3 hours. During cocktail parties guests love to eat simple spread of food, and drink cocktails while mingling with other guests present in the party. It is quite simple event to plan and there are plenty of options available.

Party Decisions

Cocktail party decision can be as simple or difficult as you wish to make them. Below mentioned are a few questions that you should ask yourself to start planning a party:

  1. How many people will be attending the party?
  2. Is this a casual party for close friends or a formal business event?
  3. How much time, money and effort do I have to put into the party?
  4. Will there be a limited cocktail menu or full bar at my party venue?
  5. Will the party be outdoor or indoor?
  6. What kind of food will be served in the party?
  7. Is it going to be a themed party?
  8. Should guests be told to bring anything with them?
  9. What kind of music will be played during the party?
  10. Do I need special glassware for the party?

Planning the foods and drinks

A full course meal is not required for cocktail parties. Guests are more into drinking than eating. Simple finger foods, allow guests to browse throughout the party as they feel the need to eat something.

Obviously, the drinks are the heart and soul of a cocktail party. You can either opt for full bar or have limited cocktail menu. You should serve a variety of cocktails to your guests. Everyone has different taste in alcohol.

One of the most complicated aspects of planning a cocktail party is evaluating how much glassware rentals to have on hand. It is important to book rentals in advance to avoid inconvenience during party.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Wedding Tables Decoration!

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Creating perfect wedding table decoration is one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning. You get beautiful party table rentals, but decorating those tables is not easy. If done properly, table decoration can add WOW factor to wedding styling. You need to plan the style, color and accessory for your tables to make them look perfect.

Wedding table decorations

When it comes to wedding table decorations, you will have to pay attention over every single detail. Tables and chairs will be closest to your guests. They will notice every detail of your table decoration. The table decoration is one of those unique touches that make your decoration special. Your decoration will be incomplete without having tables in sync.

The small details can make the big impact when it comes to wedding decoration. Your wedding table decorations can make huge difference on overall wedding setup. The table decoration will provide the right aesthetic.

There are plenty of big and small things with which you can aggrandize the beauty of your wedding tables. Check out the below mentioned items that you can use to do your wedding table decoration in a beautiful manner:


Centerpieces play an important role in wedding table decorations. The look and feel of your decoration depends on the type of centerpiece you use. A lot of beautiful centerpieces are available on rent these days. No matter what centerpiece you choose, make sure to book same for all tables.


Napkins have functional as well as aesthetic significance on wedding table decoration. Nowadays, napkins are available in plenty of colors, designs and materials. Make sure you choose the napkins than increase the beauty of your wedding table decoration.


Glasses are arranged on tables. The better glasses you rent from the party rental company, more beautiful your table decoration will look. Modern glasses are available in lot of beautiful designs to set the wedding tables.


Just like napkins and glassware, chinaware can also be used to decorate your wedding tables. Choose chinaware that goes with the theme and colors for your wedding decoration. You can opt for beautiful china rentals for wedding.


Use candles to create the romantic aura. But make sure to use beautiful Candelabras rentals for this purpose.


Wedding decoration will be incomplete without flowers. Use flowers to complete the decoration of your wedding tables.

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A Quick Guide to Setting Your Reception Tables

wedding table rentals

After deciding the wedding venue decoration theme, tent decor colors, and setting of flowers, it’s time to finalize the little details. Wedding preparation lies on paying attention to details. Small mistakes can lead chaotic situations on wedding day. One of the most important aspects of wedding venue setup is reception table setup. You may get beautiful and affordable wedding table rentals, but setting the reception tables at your venue is a big task. If you don’t make a plan for setting the reception tables, your wedding décor will look incomplete somehow.

Creative ways to set reception tables

Wedding tables need to be dressed up properly. The table decoration should harmonize with the overall wedding theme. Tables and chairs will be the closest things to your guests, so they are going to notice every effort you put on wedding table decoration.

The reception table decoration is not something that you can handle at last minute. The way you plan about the tent decoration, wedding makeup and wedding dresses, you need to spend time on wedding table setting planning. Then only you will come up with great ideas.

Start your wedding reception table setting planning with research. Browse wedding pictures, wedding magazines and online sources to find the best wedding table decoration ideas. There are number of resources that can help you in deciding the ultimate setting for your wedding tables.

Table decoration is going to cost you a lot of money. In order to do this task properly, assign budget to the table setting. It is important to assign a separate budget. Then try to find the table setup or dressing items within that budget only.

Table setting is a time consuming task as well. You need to spare time for this task. If you are handling wedding decoration task on your own, then you will have to gather your friends and explain the setting. And if you are hiring a professional, explain your setting plan clearly.

The beauty of wedding reception table setting lies in uniformity. Make sure all the tables are dressed up alike. Use same items, colors, and theme for every table.

Finding table setting items at the last moment is not easy. It could be hectic and expensive. Thus, enlist the items you want for table decoration, visit a reputable party rental company, and book them for your wedding.


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How to host a perfect Halloween party

 Halloween party rentals

Are you thinking about hosting a Halloween party? Are you organizing your school’s Halloween event? Or are you helping your friend in hosting a great Halloween event? Well, if so, then you need to book Halloween party rentals as soon as possible. Hosting a Halloween party is a big responsibility. People love Halloween parties, and want to have good time at Halloween night. In order to give good time to guests, host need to make proper arrangements.

How to host the ultimate Halloween party

Hosting a Halloween party is going to be different from hosting any other themed party. It’s because Halloween is a tradition. Your party needs to have the essence of Halloween tradition, fun element and something new. Then only people are going to enjoy your party.

No matter if you are hosting a Halloween party for kids or for adults, below mentioned tips can help you in hosting the ultimate Halloween party:

Start with party invitation

A lot of people host the Halloween parties. If you want maximum number of people attending your party, choose date and time wisely. And send formal invite to every person. You can send an invitation card, or an email or an image message. Despite of invitation mode, your invitation should give the Halloween vibes. Use images of pumpkins, bats and haunted house on your invitation card.

Plan about party decoration

Decoration is the heart and soul of the Halloween party. Your party won’t look and feel like Halloween party, until and unless your party venue is decorated in Halloween theme. You will have to decorate your party venue with pumpkins, scary paintings, terrifying masks, bats etc.  Also, keep the lights dim to create the ultimate effect.

Finding Halloween party decoration item is quite simple. Just visit a reputation party rental company and book your party supplies. Renting party supplies is always better than purchasing them. You will get your party items on booked date. On the other hand, you won’t be able to rent at the last moment (as a lot of people pre-book the supplies for their party).

Think about party entertainment

Halloween party entertainment is different from other parties. The party music and games should be festive. Of course, you can hire a magician, and tarot card reader, if you are hosting the Halloween party for kids, while dance floor, party songs and booze is enough to entertain adults.

Happy Halloween!

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Top Reasons to Have a Tent For Your Outdoor Wedding

party tent

Hosting an outdoor wedding is a big responsibility. You need to make arrangements at outdoor location. Despite of season and weather condition, you should rent a beautiful wedding tent. The tents are must when you a host party outdoors. Often hosts link tents with rains, because they are not aware of the amazing benefits of the wedding tent rentals. While weather-related issues are one of the major reasons for installing a tent, there are many more reasons to rent a wedding tent.

Outstanding reasons to rent a tent for your outdoor wedding

A tent provides an amazing way to select space and set perimeters for your party venue. Tents come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose the most apt configurations according to your needs and requirements.

One of the great aspects of having tent at your event is that you get chance to use your creativity while decorating your wedding venue. It acts like a complete blank canvas. Then, you get to choose colors, lights, and decoration theme. Inside tent, you get to arrange tables, chairs, draperies, ceilings as per your choice.

Tents let you and your guests enjoy in privacy. In spite of how many onlookers there are, you will not notice them because tent will isolate your party venue, and let you enjoy your intimate and private function.

You can enjoy variety of tests such as –framed tents, canopies, clear top tents etc. You get to choose colors and designs from oodles of tents. If decorated properly, your tented wedding will look as posh as any 5 star hotel wedding.

Outdoor tent weddings are very convenient when you have a big guest list. You can increase the size or number of tent as per the number of guests you have invited. Choosing the tent size is really very flexible. You can even consult with the wedding tent service providers to get the correct estimation of tent size.

Choosing tent rental company

In order to enjoy all the amazing benefits of tent, you need to choose the right tent rental company. Only a good company can provide you the quality tent that can aggrandize the class of your party. Big companies have a systematic catalogue of different kinds of tent rental options. Also, the tent rental professionals will understand your needs and requirements and provide you a personalized wedding tent.

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