Planning a Bridal Shower: How to host the perfect shower

bridal shower

A bridal shower is a celebratory event, which allows brides and bridesmaids to have fun amid wedding preparation. Well, just like any other party, bridal shower is fun, only if it is organized properly. In order to have fun, it is essential to make arrangements of party entertainers, bridal shower rentals, party food, drinks and music. Otherwise you and your friends will not be able to enjoy the bridal shower.

Who should host the bridal shower?

Bridal shower should be hosted by the close girl friends of the brides. Any girlfriend of the bride-to-be can host a bridal shower together for bride, including but not limited to bridesmaids, close-friends, colleagues, school friends, dome friends, neighbors, sisters and cousins. You can host a fabulous party altogether and have good time with all your friends, and make new friends as well.

Bridal shower is an ideal way of sneaking some time to relax in between wedding preparation.  By hosting this function, you can show how much you care about your friend and friendship. You can cheer your friend as everyone loves a little bit pampering from near and dear ones. However, you need to host the party with the perspective of bride. The brides are the guest of honor of bridal showers. Thus, bridal shower parties should be planned by considering likes and dislikes of the bride.

Hosting bridal shower

Bridal showers are special events. Here you need to prefer bride’s choice over your choice. Check out the below mentioned tips to host a perfect bridal shower:

Invitations: You can invite close friends and family members of bride in the event. If time and budget allows, you can send handmade cards. Else you can invite guests via text messages or Emails.

Theme: It is important to choose the apt theme for bridal shower. The colors, decorations and other items should be loved by the bride. You can easily rent party decoration items.

Food: Food is heart and soul of any party. Make sure you order food that is loved by bride.

Gifts: Give a meaningful gift to your friend that she keeps for rest of the life.

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Awesome Ideas To Make Your Wedding Tent Shine!

 tent decoration

Are you thinking about hosting an outdoor wedding, but afraid of outdoor elements? Or are you hosting a wedding reception for a lot of people? Or are you simply looking for wedding ideas? Well, if so, then look no further than wedding tent. With wedding tent you can transform any place into a wedding paradise. Nowadays, wedding tent rentals are available easily, instantly and at affordable rates.

Wedding under tent

The variations in wedding tents will make you fall in love with the idea of hosting an outdoor wedding. Grand wedding tents are available in various colors, designs, styles, sizes, materials and price. Above all, you can decorate your wedding tent in your own way. This gives you oodles of choices in tent decoration.

Wedding tent decoration

In order to make your wedding special, you will have to pay attention over decoration. Your decoration will speak about your personal style. Check out the below mentioned wedding tent decoration ideas:

Beach Style Tent: Beach style tent decoration can be amazingly beautiful. While hosting the beachside wedding, you can utilize the natural elements to take your wedding fun to the next level –the waves, the sand etc. Special types of tents are used for the beachside weddings. The installation and decoration of beach tents are different from normal tents.

Romantic Tent Setting: Every couple wants to get married in a romantic setting. It is possible to create romantic aura inside wedding tent with decoration. You can use flowers, candles and lights to create a romantic aura, and then complement your romantic wedding decoration with soft music and pleasant air fresheners. Your guests will remember your wedding for years.

Classic Tent Decoration: Classic tent decoration implies decorating tent with rustic centerpieces, tables, chairs, linens, lightings etc. The rich and royal decoration will amaze your guests. Also, you don’t actually have to spend a lot of money on decoration. You can easily rent the decoration items from wedding rental services.

Colorful Tent Decoration: Play with colors…..a lot of colors to decorate your tent. Use colorful ceilings, curtains, lines, chairs, tables, lights etc. to splash colors in your tent. Such decoration is apt for day weddings.

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Things to Consider When Planning a Great Birthday Party

party rentals

A perfect birthday party requires perfect planning! All birthday parties are not same. There are so many things to consider when you are hosting a party. Birthday parties need to be planned according to the age, sex, interests and lifestyle of the person.

No matter if you are hosting your own birthday party or hosting a birthday party for someone special, you will have to take care of things like invitations, entertainment, birthday party rentals, menu, venue and guests. People will enjoy your party when you make proper arrangements and take care about entertainment. And in order to make all the arrangements properly, you will have to plan. Before you prepare a guest list, before you buy party dress, before you decide party decoration, take time and PLAN.

Hosting a Birthday Party

Birthdays are special for everyone, so birthday parties should be more special. It should be well-planned and well-executed. Birthday party planning is not a difficult task. You just need to plan party in right direction. Check out the below mentioned tips for birthday party planning:

Make a Party Budget

Every party is hosted within a confined budget. If party budget is not prepared in advance, results in unnecessary expenses and shortcomings. The ideal way of hosting the party is deciding the party budget in advance.

Choose a Birthday Party Theme

Everyone host parties these days. In order to make your party different, you need to choose different party theme. Party theme should be chosen as per the birthday girl or boy. This matters most when you are hosting a birthday party for someone special.

Available Venue

It is important to select and book party venue in advance. No matter if it is an outdoor party or indoor party, you should finalize the party venue.

Consider Your Guests

Along with the birthday girl or boy, you need to consider the guests as well. Try to make sure that each and every guest will have good time at your party.

Party Hostess Helpers

It is not possible to host a party all alone. Take help of your friends and family member. Also, do not hesitate in taking help of professionals such as party rental services, party planners, caterers etc.

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Tips for Hosting the Perfect Corporate Event

promotional event

Successful corporate events don’t just happen. Holding and organizing corporate event requires planning. Whether it is a promotional event, product launch event, success party or seminar, event’s success is in details. You need to pay attention over every single detail of your party. It is your responsibility to opt for the best party planners, decorators, corporate party rental services, caterers and entertainers. Then only you will be able to host a perfect corporate event.

How to Plan and Organize a Corporate event

Hosting a corporate event is not an easy task. You have to tackle so many things at one time. Within a confined budget, you have to organize foods, drinks, music, entertainment etc. that is liked by everyone. Also, while hosting a corporate event, you need to take care about the integrity, policies and reputation of your organization.

Planning corporate event

Prepare a guest list: No matter what type of event you are hosting, you need at least a tentative information about the number of guests. If not accurate, prepare a tentative guest list, so that you can make arrangements according to that.

Choose right party venue: When you are hosting a corporate party, it is important to pay special attention while choosing the party venue. You can choose indoor as well as outdoor venue for this purpose. If number of guests is fixed, and an indoor venue fits into your budget, book it. On the other hand, if it is a promotional event, where number of party guests are likely to vary, opt for tented event. You can find corporate tent rentals according to your needs and requirements.

Made adequate arrangements: In order to make your corporate event successful, you need to make adequate arrangements at your party venue. You should make avail tables, chairs, china, silverware etc. in right quantity.

Know your limitations: Corporate events generally have grand budget, but it is important to invest the money wisely. You should rent, bargain and try to save money whenever it is possible. You should not splurge your money on anything. It is possible to host a successful corporate event without spending a lot of money.

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Selecting serving pieces to complement your party menu

hosting a party

Everyone wants to host a good party. When hosting a party, your checklist includes never-ending tasks –ironing linens, deciding party venue, preparing guest list, hiring caterers, choosing party rental company, and many more. People spend a lot of time and money on party menu. After all, food is the heart and soul of any party.  But have you ever thought about the importance of serving pieces? Don’t you think that serving pieces should be in co-ordination with the party menu?

Choosing serving pieces for your party

Serving pieces are as much important as the food which is being served. Adequately served food entice towards it. The creative visual presentation of food aggrandizes the taste. This is the reason why you should be careful while selecting the serving dishes for your party.

Nowadays, you can find many type of serving pieces for parties on rent. Party rental companies have good stock of serving pieces in their inventory. You can ask for particular design, color, material, size, and style. Just figure out your party menu and then rent apt serving pieces.

Renting Serving pieces

In order to rent the right serving pieces, ask following questions to yourself:

Is there a theme to your menu?

If you have prepared your party menu in certain theme, look for serving pieces that co-ordinate with your menu theme. You can take your party theme to the next level by matching serving pieces. Along with serving pieces, you can find matching cutlery and glassware.

How many people are you serving?

It is important to have estimation of number of party guests before renting serving pieces. The size and quantity of your serving pieces rentals va depend on how many guests you are inviting. Make sure to have the right number and size – from extra large platters to small bowls, and everything in-between.

How will you serve: buffet style or family style?

In order to get the right serving pieces on rent, you need to explain your party rental service provider about your serving style. You will get right serving pieces, if your rental service provider understands your needs and requirements.

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Tips for hosting a successful party

party rentals

Are you thinking about hosting a party? Do you want to make your party a successful event? Or are you looking for ways to entertain your guests? Well, if so, then you are at absolutely right place. Parties require effort. In fact, they are not fun, when you have not put any effort to host them. A properly hosted party is enjoyed by everyone. Be it birthday party, success party, wedding reception or corporate event, you should know how to get everything done. There is no right way of hosting a party, and there is no limit to get the things done. You have to find the smart ways of dealing with caterers, party planners, party rental services, decorators, suppliers and guests of course.

How to host a successful party?

Hosting a party is a huge undertaking. It can be exhausting, if you try to do everything by yourself. It is important to take help from friends, family members and professionals to get things done. Adequately divide the tasks to execute the plans smoothly.

Apart from planning, you need to take care about the comfort of your guests to make your party enjoyable. Make avail tables, chairs, glassware, silverware, china etc. in the right quantity. Otherwise, chaotic situations may arise during party.

In order to host a successful party, you need to host it within a budget, especially when it is a big event. Not only you have to plan everything by taking budget into consideration, but you will have to find the ways to save money. Have a quick glance over below mentioned tips for hosting a budget friendly party:

-Book everything in advance to get better deals
-Opt for party rentals, instead of purchasing party supplies
-Sort out guest lists
-Checkout bulk offers and discounts
-Choose party venue wisely
-Look for the best tent rentals offers

Entertainment is the heart and soul of any party, and entertainment needs vary from party to party. For kid’s party, clowns and magic shows are primary source of entertainment, whereas for adults you need to hire band or DJ. Moreover, entertainment depends on your party theme, budget and venue.

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The Sweetness of Small Wedding Ceremonies

destination wedding,

Are you thinking about getting married in presence of close friends and family? Are you planning to host a small and budget friendly wedding? Or you don’t have time for wedding preparation? Well, if so, then you should think about hosting a small wedding ceremony. Wedding is the function when you souls promise to be with each other in the ups and downs of the life. In order to make your wedding a memorable event, you don’t have to invite hundreds of people and spend a lot on money on catering, wedding rentals, decorations, venue etc. You can host a small event for family and close friends, and get married.

Hosting a small wedding reception

A small wedding let you to create a personalized party aura so that you can enjoy the day with loved ones, treat your guests well and allow them to involve in the nuptials. Some people may not be pleased with your small guest list, but its fine. Your wedding is not necessarily the occasion to gather friends of friends of friends. By hosting a small wedding, you get to spend less time on logistics and more time on enjoying, dancing, interacting, laughing, and eating with your guests.

Selecting a venue for the small wedding is an easy affair when you are inviting a few people. Maybe you might have desired to splurge on a destination wedding, or maybe you would prefer to have a special event at posh restaurant, everything becomes easier when you have a fewer number of people to manage. You can make avail luxury tables and chairs, best catering services, four course meals from 5-star hotel, satin linens, royal cutlery, stunning glassware, best wedding DJ or band, fancy centerpieces etc. In short, you can host a dreamy wedding if size of your guest list is small.

Small wedding reception rentals

In spite of the size of your wedding, you will have to rely on wedding rental services for most of the matters. Purchasing party items is just not feasible, renting them is a smart way of organizing everything within a specified budget. You can always take advantage of wedding rental services to full fill the needs and requirements of your wedding.


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How to Set Your Table for Various Events

tableware rentals

Food is the heart and soul of every party. It is one of the important aspects that decide success and failure of any event. The actual meal is one thing, presentation is another. You can hire the best caterer and serve plenty of tasty items to your guests, but how you present the food also matters. It is important to serve party food in proper table settings, and for that you will need party tableware rentals. Table settings play an important role in creating the party ambiance that will take your party to the next level.

How to set the tables for party

The experience of guests heavily relies on the atmosphere you create at your party venue. When you set a table, you are required to pay attention to details. You can provide formal or informal settings to your table, and behavior of your guests will be based on the settings you provide. Thus, table settings can also decide the tone of the party.

If you want to set party tables adequately, then you will need following items:

Linen rentals

No matter if it is an elegant wedding reception, sophisticated corporate party or intimate family gathering, linens are important. Without linens, your tables will look incomplete. You can dress up your tables with linen of any type, color or design.

Chair cover rentals

In order to sync chairs and tables, you need chair covers. With the help of the chair covers, it is possible to make any chair look lush and posh. Also, bare chairs will not look good. You can find endless colors, designs and material options in chair covers.

Centerpieces rentals

You can give a personal touch to your table settings with a beautiful centerpiece. This item has the ability to perk up entire table settings. Whether it is candles, flowers or candy, just keep them out of eye level.

Crockery rentals

Crockery can be decorative as well. You can use beautiful crockery rentals to create a luxury table setting. Along with crockery, you can also use beautiful glassware and silverware. These small-small things matter a lot when you set a table.

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Outdoor Wedding Rental Essentials

Wedding Rentals Checklist

Outdoor weddings are fun, and spring and summer are the best time of the year to host an outdoor wedding. Hosting an outdoor wedding is not fun. Unlike indoor venues, you won’t get all essentials with the outdoor venues. It means you have to arrange the essentials separately. Well, it is not feasible to buy wedding essentials just for a day event, though you can opt for the wedding rentals. You can find almost everything on rent to host a dreamy outdoor wedding reception.

Outdoor Wedding Rentals Checklist

With the help of the outdoor wedding rentals, you can transform any place into a party destination. It means you can choose any location for your dream wedding. However, you should know what to rent. There are plenty of things that you need to rent, in order to make your outdoor party plan successful. Use below mentioned list to take inventory of everything you require to rent:

Wedding tents

Tents can help you in organizing a wedding in a sophisticated manner. Beautiful wedding tents isolate your wedding venue from rest of the world. Having your dinner tables and dance floor under the tent will make sure that your wedding guests are safe from unexpected rain or blistering hot weather.

Party lights

Lights not only have practical advantages, but they are beautiful decoration element also. Strings of twinkling lights across a tent create an adorable look, while hanging chandeliers beautifully lighten up the entire wedding venue.

Tables and chairs

It is important to make tables and chairs avail in ample quantity to avoid any sort of inconvenience. Wedding chairs and tables are available in variety of designs, colors and sizes on rent. If your budget allows, rent furniture as well.

Tablecloths and chair covers

Despite of wedding venue, it is important to make tables and chairs look presentable. You can rent colorful tablecloths and chair covers. These items are available in plenty of designs, colors and materials.

Glassware and silverware

You can rent glassware and silverware from party rental company. You will find number of designs and materials to fulfill the needs and requirements of your party. The royal silverware rentals look extremely beautiful.

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How to Plan a Fabulous Summer Outdoor Party

 Summer Outdoor Party

Summer is a blissful time of the year to be celebrated, and there is no better way to bask in the glory season than with an outdoor party. It doesn’t matter if you are master party host or a novice, outdoor parties are always difficult to plan. From choosing the party venue, making avail the event rentals, deciding the party music and arranging the party food, there are so many things to look after. However, outdoor parties are so much fun in summers. You can provide an outstanding party venue to family and friends to gather together for drink, food and fun activities that go well with the warm weather and late sunsets.

Hosting a Summer Outdoor Party

When it comes to hosting an outdoor party, you have many options for party venue like backyard, beachside, terrace, or any exotic location with fantastic view. An outdoor party venue not only increases the party fun, but also provides you sufficient space to invite as many numbers of guests you want. You can choose outdoor location for birthday party, wedding reception, graduation party, corporate event etc. It is possible to arrange everything at any outdoor location (thanks to party rental services).

Tips for hosting summer outdoor party

Plan ahead: The first rule of throwing an outdoor party is to be prepared ahead of time, so that you can also enjoy the party with your guests. Make basic arrangements like party rentals, catering, decorations, invitations etc. in advance.

Serve signature drinks: People love quintessential drinks in summer. It is important that you serve plenty of chilled drinks at your summer party. You can also include variety of ice-creams in your menu.

Create a Simple Buffet: A simple buffet is more convenient when you are hosting an outdoor party. You can decently decorate the buffet table for your party guests.

Pay attention over party decoration: In order to make your outdoor party venue looks like an actual party venue, you need to pay attention over decoration. You can find many party decoration items on rent.

Make proper arrangements: Since you are hosting an outdoor party, you have to make avail all the utilities at the party venue.

Cover up with the tent: It is always recommended to utilize party tent rental services when you are hosting an outdoor party.

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