Top Party Rental Tips When Planning An Event

event rentals

Often event planning is time and budget sensitive, it involves detailed work which needs to be done with complete dedication.  You have to rely on services like catering, event rentals, party planners etc. In order to avoid chaotic situations, it is important to book all of these services in advance. Event rental is one of the most important aspects of the party planning. There are so many things that you can rent from the party rental companies to keep your party budget under control.

Learn about event rentals

Event rental is not a new concept. A lot of companies offer party items on rent. You can rent almost everything to full-fill the needs and requirements of your party. Renting party items are always better than purchasing them. Check out the below mentioned tips on renting party items:

Table rentals

From round tables to rectangular tables, cocktail tables to communal harvest tables, you can find every type of tables on rent. It is important to consider factors like size of your party venue, number of guests, type of event and your table layout plan, before renting any type of table. You should rent sufficient number of tables.

Chair rentals

Selecting chairs can be intuitive. It is important that the tables and chairs remain in sync. Different styles of chair are apt for different type of events. You should rent sufficient number of tables to make your guests comfortable. You can even rent cushioned chair, if your party budget allows.

Linen rentals

Your table decoration would be incomplete without linens. Linens should be chosen according to the theme of the party. You should pay attention over details like color, texture, material, size and design of linens before finalizing for your event. Also, it will be better that the chair covers and linens match with each other.

Decoration rentals

You can easily rent party items like drapes, centerpieces, lights and hangings. Different party rental companies offer different types of decoration items on rent.

Tent rentals

Tent rentals are must if you are hosting an outdoor party. There are many type, size and style of tents available on rent these days.

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Wedding Cocktail Hour: Simple Tips and Stylish Rentals

cocktail party rentals

The ideal time for hosting a cocktail party is between wedding ceremony and reception. This provides you time to take photographs with friends and family, and allots time to caterers and decorator to make additional preparation required for the event, while your guests indulge in cocktails. Just like wedding rentals, you also need cocktail party rentals to flawlessly execute your cocktail party ideas. You can find almost everything on rent for your cocktail hour.

Hosting a cocktail party

Cocktail parties are fun, if they are hosted properly. They are relatively inexpensive. You just need to setup a special cocktail area at your party venue. This area should be dedicated exclusively to cocktails. If you do not have much space, you can use a small table for bar setup. And if space and budget are not issue, you can have a fully-functional bar at your party venue.

Cocktail parties are not just about alcohol. You should also make arrangements for foods and mock tails. There are many food items that you can serve at your cocktail party, but opt for snacks. Make arrangements for different types of snacks. You can keep your guests happy by including varieties in food and mock tails. Many guests prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

Setting bar for cocktail party

Perhaps, bar is the most important part of any cocktail party. There are basically two types of bars –signature bar and fully stocked bar. A fully stocked bar has a wide variety of alcohol and mixers, while a signature cocktail bar has 2 or 3 cocktails, and some beer, wine and a few non-alcoholic beverages. Signature bars are more economical of the two choices. You can choose one according to your budget specifications.

Glassware is the integrated part of any bar. It is important to serve the right drink in the right glassware. Purchasing the glassware for cocktail party is not a good idea, consider renting them. You can easily find glassware rentals for your cocktail hour. Depending on wedding theme you can find many types of bar rentals. Renting is always a better option than purchasing the items for the parties.

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How to Throw a Great Bridal Shower

 bridal shower rentals

Bridal shower allows bride-to-be to celebrate with friends and family before the big day.  It is the day when guests pamper brides with love and gifts. Organizing bridal shower is quite different from organizing other parties. You have to make party arrangements that are loved by the bride. However, you can make bridal shower arrangements task easier with the help of bridal shower rentals to make avail everything at one place. After all, you want to host a memorable bridal shower for your friend.

Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

Select a date: Bridal showers should be organized at least 2 weeks and at most 2 months before the wedding. The sooner the better.

Compile a guest list: As a host it is your responsibility to prepare a guest list. This guest list should be different from your other guest lists. Instead of inviting your friends, focus on inviting bride’s friends more.

Choose a theme: It is good to choose a theme for bridal shower party. The theme should be more girly, so that your girl-squad can enjoy each and every moment of the party.

Determine the location: You can make a bridal shower more intimidating by choosing outdoor location.

Make and send invitations: Just like any other party, you have to invite people to bridal shower. You can invite other friends via call or text, but make a customized card for bride.

Plan a menu: Food is heart and soul of any party. You should prepare a menu in advance.  Include foods and drinks enjoyed by the bride-to-be.

Select the activities: It is interesting to have some girly activities planned for the bridal shower.

Buy gifts: Buying gifts for bride-to-be is one of the most exciting parts of hosting a bridal shower. Buy some meaningful gifts for bride.

Bridal shower rentals

Nowadays, bridal showers are being hosted on a big scale. And friends try their level best to host a memorable bridal shower. Thus, they require a lot of fancy items for their party. Buying bridal shower items is not an option, party rentals make sense though. You can get almost everything on rent for your event, including but not limited to party chairs, tables, linens, decoration and tents.

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Popular Party Rental Items for Outdoor Parties

outdoor party rental

Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding reception, birthday party or a family reunion, you will need outdoor party rental items to execute your party plans. Outdoor parties can be risky, as you cannot control the Mother Nature. But you can coddle your party guests by making proper party arrangements. You have to be cognizant about various party rental items that you will need to host a party with all complaisance.

Why rent outdoor party items

Hosting a party is a big responsibility. No matter what your party budget is, renting party items is always a better option than purchasing them. When you visit a party rental company, you will find all the items you needed at one place. You can use rented party items without any compunction. There is no worry about installation and storage. Most of the party rental companies provide pick and drop services. On the other hand, if you opt for purchasing the party items, you will have to roam market to market, in order to find all the items. And after that you will have to plan about storage of the party items.

Essential rental items for outdoor parties


You need a large tent to cover your commodious outdoor party venue. With tent rentals you can take pleasure of the outdoor venue and prevent interference of outdoor elements. There are many types of tents available for different types of parties.


Chair rentals are essential for almost every event. Depending on the theme and decoration of your party you can opt for party chair rentals. You can find variety of size, color and designs in party chairs.


It is important to make arrangements for tables at outdoor party venue, so that your guests get adequate space to enjoy the party food. You can find tables of all shapes and size on rent.

Tableware and Glassware

China, silverware and glassware are some items that are most needed for any party. You should rent these items as per the number of guests you have invited. Tableware and glassware are also available in variety of designs. From budget friendly to royal, you can get everything on rent.


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2017 Wedding Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

wedding party

New Year, New Trends! 2016 trends are almost over. Just like fashion, hairstyle and home decor trends, 2017 bought new wedding trends with it. The wedding trends like minimal decor, white themed decoration, family style seating arrangement, traditional food and mediocre crockery are over now. 2017 wedding trends are more vibrant, more enthusiastic and more happening. If you are thinking about tying knot in 2017, instruct your wedding planner, wedding decorator, wedding rental service provider and caterer to get ready for the new wedding trends.

2017 Wedding trends

Hosting a wedding reception is not an easy task. In order to impress the wedding guests, you need to try something off the beat. Your wedding party will be enjoyed by everyone, if you have something new and refreshing to offer your guests. It is important to keep eye on latest wedding trends, even if you are planning to host a traditional style wedding. Newer trends have their own charm. You can always take inspiration from new trends and then customize them according to your needs and requirements.

Wedding trends in 2017

Greenery everywhere

Instead of using multiple colors in centerpieces and bouquets, use green wherever you can. Green is an amazing color that will go with any other colors you choose. Use green plants to decorate your wedding venue. Do not hesitate to experiment with different textures as well. It will make your wedding venue appear like an enchanted forest.

Bring glamour with vintage twist

Make your small wedding venue appear luxurious with vintage style centerpieces, linens, furniture and twinkling lights. Vintage decoration always looks classy. In fact, you can opt for vintage style dress code to add more fun to your themed wedding party. Retro music will be cherry on top for such party. Your guests will never forget such fun-filled evening.

Use metallic colors

Metallic colors have their own charm. You can use metallic colors in your wedding decoration to add a touch of elegance. Use golden, silver and copper colors for tables, chairs, linens, lights, centerpieces etc.  These colors will lighten-up your entire wedding venue. Above all, metallic-colored wedding chairs rentals are gaining a lot of popularity.

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Winter Wedding Hacks to Make Your Day Go Off Without a Hitch

 outdoor wedding rentals

Winter is the time for the snow-loving bridegrooms to bring their winter wonderland to life. Hosting a winter wedding can be adorable and tiring at the same time. You can host a blissful outdoor wedding under a tent with all the decorations you want, but you will have to make a lot of arrangements to make your guests feel comfortable. In order to host a perfect winter wedding bash, you will have to depend on services like outdoor wedding rentals, catering, event planning etc. It is not easy to make all the arrangements on your own. You need the professionals to handle several tasks to host the trouble-free wedding.

Hosting a winter wedding

Choosing a wedding venue in winters is a little bit tricky. A sunny morning can turn into snowy afternoon in no time. So, do not think about hosting an open air event in the winter. In fact, you should rent good quality tent and install heating source to make your guests feel warm and cozy. You can find adequately ventilated tents with heating equipment on rent. All you need is a good party rental company for this special service.

Food is another important aspect of wedding preparation. You should have delightful party food at your wedding to impress your guests. Thus, book the best caterer and choose the finest menu. You should have a variety of party foods in ample quantity. Also, you should make avail glassware, silverware, china and serving dishes at your party venue. Thanks to party rental companies, you can easily get these items on rent.

Decoration is another important aspect of the winter weddings. You have to choose all decoration items carefully to create a romantic wedding aura. Use lights, flowers, center peaces and other decoration items to enchant your guests.

Hire wedding rental services

Despite of season, you should opt for wedding rental or party rental services. Not only you can save a lot of money on wedding supplies, but you can get all necessary items at one place. You need not have to roam here and there to find wedding tables, chairs, linens, crockery, decoration items and tent.

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Benefits of Renting a Tent for Your Outdoor Party

party rental companies

If you are thinking about hosting an outdoor party, it is worth to think about party tent rentals. Tent not only provides you protection against sun, wind and rain, but it gives a comfortable space to your party guests. Tents are available in variety of shapes and sizes to fulfill the needs and requirements of your party. You can easily rent the party tents from the party rental company and get them installed at your party venue.

Benefits of tent rentals

Less stress: If you host an outdoor party without installing the tent, you will stress about weather, wind and other turbulences all the time. This stress will not let you take pleasure of your own party. On the other hand, when you host a tented event, you need not have to worry about anything and you can enjoy the party.

More comfort: You can provide a comfortable party place to your friends by installing tent. The tent will isolate your party venue from rest of the world. Moreover, it will be more comfortable for you to arrange tables, chairs, dance floor, stage, musical instruments and other items inside the tent rather than in the open space.

Decoration and lighting: It is not easy to do decoration and lighting when you host an open air event. The decoration and lighting can easily get affected by the winds and rain. With tent, you can easily decorate your party venue.  You can use pole and ceiling of your tent to hang the decoration items. Also, lighting becomes easier when you have confined space to lighten up.

Renting the party tent

The entire process of renting the party tent is simple. You just need to choose the best tent rental company and check out their tent catalog. There are plenty of varieties in tents such as pole tents, framed tents, open clear tents etc. You can explain about your party size and budget to the staff of Rental Company to get the best deals.  By booking the tent rental services in advance you can enjoy the lucrative discounts from the party rental companies.

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New Year Party Ideas: Fun, Food and Decoration

New Year Party

Are you thinking about hosting a party on New Year eve? Are you looking for fun ideas to make New Year eve special for your friends? Or do you want to host a sophisticated yet fun New Year party for your business associates? Well, if so then you need to focus on entertainment, food and decoration. For that you need to book party entertainers, caterers and event rental services in advance.

New Year Party

Hosting a New Year eve party is a big responsibility. Everyone seek fun on the 31st night. If your party is not capable of providing that fun, your guest will leave the party right away. You need to be fully prepared for hosting a party. Along with estimating the budget, theme and guest list in advance, you will have to book everything beforehand. It is not easy to get party items in holiday season if you haven’t booked them earlier.

New Year Party Food ideas

Food and drinks plays important role in making any party successful. Hire a caterer and prepare an appetizing menu for the party. You should have food in the right quantity. Do remember to arrange foods for vegetarians as well. And since it is a New Year party, cake is mandatory. Welcome the New Year with sweetness of the cake.

People enjoy drinking on New Year’s Eve. You should have a bar and varieties of alcohol at your party venue. And do remember to keep some mock tails.

New Year Party Entertainment ideas

New Year Party is all about dance and music. Whether it is a kid’s party, teenager party, house party or corporate party, everyone loves dancing on New Year’s Eve. Thus, you should hire a professional DJ, make avail fantastic music system and install a dance floor at your party venue. Your guests will indulge in the dance and music.

New Year Party Decoration ideas

New Year Party is different from any other party and your party decoration should display that. Visit a party rental company and ask for the party decoration rentals that are meant to create the New Year Eve aura.

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Exciting Ways to Plan a Pre-Wedding Bash

 bachelor party

Wedding season is round the corner. Whether you are getting married or it’s your best friend’s wedding, don’t miss the chance of hosting a fun-filled pre-wedding party.  Among all the wedding preparations, shopping, wedding rentals booking, honeymoon planning and emotional extremes, a pre-wedding bash is all you need to cool down your nerves and relax for a while! This bachelorette or bachelor party should be worth cherishing forever.

Pre-wedding party planning

Planning a pre-wedding party is like planning any other party. It’s just such parties are more informal and entertaining. But you will have to make all kinds of arrangements to make your guests comfortable. There are many ways of hosting a pre-wedding party. You can choose any party theme as per your choice and budget.

Pre-wedding party planning tips

Think about an outdoor party: In the humdrum of wedding preparations, outdoor party can be fun. You can plan a beach party or cruise party or party on wheels.  Make sure to plan the party with friends only; otherwise, the fun of bachelorette/ bachelor party will be lost. Before selecting a destination, make a detailed plan of what you want to do at this party.

Plan a costume party: If you don’t have budget for outdoor party, you can still have fun at indoor party. One of the best things you can do is to get dressed up in some themed costumes. A cool and funny outfit idea goes perfect for such parties. Look for costumes that are fun and comfortable at the same time.

Add surprising fun elements: While planning pre-wedding party, don’t shy away from adding some naughty ideas to your party. Hire party entertainers like dancers or DJ to enhance the fun of your party. This is probably the last chance for your friends to enjoy ‘single’ life.

Make proper arrangements: No matter what kind of party you are planning to host, you have to make proper arrangements for your guests. Thus, make avail party items such as tent rentals, party chair rentals, table rentals, linen rentals and decoration rentals in advance. Then, take care of party food, drinks, music, costumes, invitations and bookings.

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The Stress-Free Holiday Party Plan

party rentals

Are you planning an elegant holiday get-together? Are you thinking about hosting a sit-down holiday dinner? Or do you have a classy cocktail holiday party in your mind? Well, if so, then understand that hosting a wonderful Christmas party is not going to be easy. You will have to do all the preparations in advance. From invitations to catering, party rentals to entertainment and decoration to shopping, everything requires advance planning when it comes to hosting a party in holiday season. It is because people use to do advance-booking for their holiday party. You may not get the desired item during holiday season unless you have booked in advance.

How to Host an Easy Holiday Party

First, determine what type of party you want to host. This will aid you in making the list of party essential. Discuss the party type with your friends, family or party planner. Once you come-up with the party idea, party planning will become really very easy for you. You will get the chance of doing preparations ahead of time, and thus you can host a stress-free party for your guests.

Tips for hosting a holiday party

Make only easy, impressive food: If you are thinking about preparing food on your own, then choose easy yet impressive items. Of course, food is the most important part of the party, still you should not take trouble of making difficult dishes. However, for big parties, opting for the catering services is the wise idea.

Plan about the cocktails: When you are serving alcohol at your party, you are bound to make some extra arrangements. Along with arranging the drinks and cocktail recipes, you will have to arrange the glassware for the party.

Sitting arrangement: No matter you are hosting a big tent party or small get to gather at home, you will have to make the sitting arrangements for your guests. Rent some party furniture to avoid inconvenience.

Party rentals: It is important to make advance booking for holiday party rentals. The party items such as tent, chair, table, glassware, silverware, decorations and lightings can be rented from the party rental companies. Advance booking will not only increase your chances of getting the desired item, but also help you in renting the item at fair price.

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