How to host a surprise birthday party

birthday party rentals

It is always fun to host a surprise birthday party for love ones. Planning a party and keeping it a secret is the best part of it. However, if you want to host a perfect surprise party, then you need to plan ahead. You will have to take care of party invitation, theme, menu, venue, decoration, and most importantly birthday party rentals in advance. Otherwise, you will not be able to surprise the birthday girl or boy, the better the preparation the lesser chaotic situation.

Tips for Planning a Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise parties are trending more than ever. Today, everyone wants to make their friends, sibling and love ones feel special on their birthday. These parties are different from normal birthday parties. There use to be a surprise element that aggrandizes the fun of such birthday parties. That’s why surprise birthday party is not only fun for the birthday girl or birthday boy, but also enjoyed by every guest attending the party. Here are some tips to help you get started so you make sure the surprise remains a surprise:

  • Make sure to inform guests that it is going to be a surprise party. You can mention it in the invitation text message or email or even on the invitation card.
  • Clearly specify the time of the party on the invitation card, so that people know at what time they should reach at the party venue.
  • In order to keep your party a secret, get involved in some fake activity with the guest of honor. That’s how your guest of honor will not suspect that you are planning something.
  • Make sure the decoration, theme, music and food you choose are as per the likes and dislikes of the guest of honor. You are hosting the party to make birthday girl or boy feel special, after all.
  • You need to make sure that the guest of honor is properly dressed up for the occasion. Everyone wants to look good at their own birthday party.
  • Do not try to do everything on your own. Take help from your friends to make the party arrangements.

It is always good to hire the professionals such as party decorators, party DJs, party rental service providers and party caterers to handle the respective jobs. It will not be possible for you to look after everything personally, and still keep your party a secret.

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The Most Common Wedding Rental Questions: Answered!

Wedding rentals

Organizing a wedding is not an easy task. From big to small, every task requires time and money. No matter if you are party planner, bride or friends of bride, you need to tackle a lot of things when organizing a wedding. Naïve people end up spending a lot of money on purchasing the items that can be easily rented from the party rental company. On the other hand, professionals know how to use the wedding budget efficiently.

Importance of wedding rentals

It is possible to host a wonderful wedding reception within budget by renting certain items. There are plenty of good reasons to opt for wedding rentals, some of them are:

Save Money:  Renting is always a budget friendly option, as you need not have to pay the full price for items that you will be using.

No Need To Worry About Storage: After wedding you don’t require the items that you use for. And if you purchase them, then you need to look for the space to store all the purchased goods. When you rent party items, the service provider will take them back after function.

Available Under One Roof: You need not have to roam market to market and malls to malls, in order to find the items. Simply go through the wedding rental catalogue, and book your order.

Great Varieties Available: You will find a wide variety of items on rent. You can get varieties in colors, designs and sizes.

Still, people have so many questions about the wedding rentals. Below mentioned are the most common wedding rental questions answered.

Are wedding rentals good?

Yes, wedding rentals are good for every type of weddings. Depending on your budget, you can find items from arrant to cheap quality. Your wedding decoration will look classy even with the rented items.

What wedding rentals are available?

You can rent almost everything from wedding rental companies, such as:

  • Wedding tables
  • Wedding chairs
  • Wedding tents
  • Tablecloths
  • Glassware
  • China
  • Serving plates
  • Lights
  • Wedding centerpieces

How to find cheap wedding rentals?

In order to get the cheap wedding rentals, you need to do advance booking. By doing this, you will be able to rent amazing items at discounted price. However, price of the items vary from company to company. You can compare the pricing of various party rental companies to rent at the best price.

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How to Host A Baby Shower: Games, Foods and Decor

baby shower

Are you thinking about hosting a baby shower? Are you planning for a big event for the occasion? Well, if so, then you need to plan your party properly. Baby shower is one of those events that get super boring, if not planned properly. There are plenty of things that you need to look after to host an entertaining baby shower for your friend or sister or sister-in-law. You can take help from the professionals like party planners, DJs, baby shower rentals, caterers etc. to host a perfect baby shower.

Throwing a baby shower

Baby shower is a special event. It is so meaningful for to-be-mother. When you take the responsibility of organizing a baby shower event, you need to make sure that you make proper arrangements for guests and chief guest. Your event should be entertaining and meaningful. You need to plan about games, foods and decor in advance, as organizing baby shower is not a last minute thing. If you host party without planning, you will miss a lot of things. And thus, you won’t be able to host the baby shower in the way you wanted.

Tips for hosting the baby shower

Decoration is one of the important aspects of organizing a baby shower. You need to pay attention over decorations. Choose a nice theme, particularly use light colors while choosing decoration items. Decorate your venue with flowers, balloons and ribbons. The decoration at baby shower should look different from other party. The decoration itself speaks about the occasion of the party. Since, it is baby shower, make sure to rent a lot of chairs.

Food is another important thing that you need to look after. You can hire caterers or order from hotel. No matter how you arrange food, it is important to choose the right menu. Your menu should be according to the theme of the party. Your guests should be able to enjoy food amid games. Though it is baby shower, you should have some beverages. It is recommended to serve non-alcoholic drinks at baby shower.

Games are major source of entertainment at events like baby showers. As an organizer, you need to make your guests indulge in some interesting games. Choose games wisely. You can take inspiration from internet. And if you need any item, you can take rent from the party rental companies.


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Tips for Hosting a Memorable Office Party

party rental services

Hosting an office party is a big responsibility. Generally, office parties are the occasions where everyone gets to socialize with co-workers. For human resource managers, organizing office parties are one of the mandatory tasks for team building. The office parties are meant for team bonding.  These parties need to be sophisticated as well as entertaining. In this situation, host needs to think about the creative ways to entertain the guests. Along with the entertainment, there are several things that are required to be taken care of, such as –venue, menu, event rentals, budget, invitations etc.  The more you pay attention on the party planning the better party you can organize.

Organizing Your Office Party

Organizing party for different types of people is a big task, as different people have different choices in food, drink, music, theme etc. It is not possible to make arrangements by considering the taste of every individual. Also, it is not good to ignore everyone’s preferences. Office parties should be something that provides the timeout from the hectic routine. It should be the occasion where every employee has good time.

Planning your office party

One of the biggest concerns about hosting an office party is budget. The office parties are required to be hosted within a confined budget. Thus, it is important to plan everything according to the budget specifications.

Food is the heart and soul of every party. As a party host, you should decide the party menu wisely. Your menu should have a variety of starters, main course and desserts. Also, make sure that you keep good options for vegetarians as well.

Party venue is another important concern when it comes to the office parties. The selected venue should have enough space to accommodate all the guests. All your guests should be comfortable at the party, and place should not get too crowded.

No matter if you choose outdoor or indoor venue for your party, you should make avail important items such as –party tables, chair, table cloth, glassware, cutlery, serving dishes etc. according to the number of guests you have invited to the party. These items are easily available on rent these days. You just need to find the right party rental services, and book whatever is required for your party.

Office parties should be entertaining. You can hire DJ or band for rocking musical night, as everyone like to dance in the parties.

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How to organize and throw a perfect brunch

event rental company

Are you thinking about hosting brunch? Are you fully equipped for hosting a brunch at home? Are you settled on brunch menu? Well, if YES, then you need to do a lot of preparations to make your event successful. Just like any other party, it is not easy to host a brunch. You will have to ensure that you have everything required at your premises. It is good to purchase some items, while renting is also a good option. You can visit event rental company and rent items like chairs, linens, cutlery, tables, crockery, serving plates, glassware etc. By renting party items, you will be able to save a lot of money, and renting will allow you to host your party within budget.

Hosting a perfect brunch

Brunch is the best way of celebrating occasions like birthday, baby shower, bridal shower and success. If you are not hosting a dinner party, then you should totally consider hosting a brunch. However, you need to make all the arrangements like the dinner party. It’s just you will be attending your guests in the daylight. On the bright side, an adequately organized brunch is enjoyed by guests more than dinner party.

Tips for hosting brunch

Planning: In order to host a brunch properly, you need to do a lot of planning. From invitation to menu to decoration, you need to decide everything in advance.

Budget: Bruch is going to be an expensive affair. You need to figure out your party budget accordingly. There will be plenty of things that you will have to look after. However, while hosting the party, you will have to make sure that you arrange everything within the set budget limits.

Menu: Menu is the soul of brunch. It is one of those kinds of parties where people come to enjoy food. You need to make good arrangements. Your menu should contain starters, main course and desserts.

Invitation: Since you are organizing brunch, you need to invite your guests properly. No matter you send email, text message or personalized invitation cards, it is important to mention timings properly.

Set up: Set up is another important aspect of hosting brunch. You can set up brunch table at backyard or hall. Party table rentals are easily available these days. Cover your table decently with tablecloth, and then arrange food, catering equipment, cutlery, glassware and serving dishes on table.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Hosting a Dinner Party

parfty rentals

Thinking about hosting a dinner party for friends and family? Well, there come occasions in your social life when you will have to host party for friends, family or co-workers. For some people, it is very easy to be a party host, but others need assistance to organise party and make sure that their guests have a good time. There are plenty of things that are required to be considered when hosting an entertaining party. From menu to theme, party table rentals to party decoration, and party music to dress code, everything needs to be considered beforehand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to host a successful party.

Hosting a Dinner Party

Whatever is your reason, a dinner party is a good occasion to display your party hosting skills, your hospitality and share a laugh over meal. Depending on the occasion for the dinner party you need to plan every single detail, because dinner party is much more than meal. As host, it is your responsibility to make sure that every guest will have a good time.

Let’s get on with the details of hosting a dinner party:

A Dinner Party Needs to Have a Reason

You should have a valid reason to host a dinner party. It could be a birthday, success, family reunion etc. Your guests should know the reason for celebration.

Introduce Guests

When you are hosting a party, it is your responsibility to introduce your guests with one another, so that everyone can have good time. This is how you can make everyone feel welcomed.

Start Conversation

Many times dinner parties get boring because no one talk with each other, you need to act as ice breaker. Talk about something general like sports, movies, music or politics. Also, do not stretch one topic for long period of time, keep switching the topic so that everyone can participate in conversation.

Arrange Party Items

When you are hosting a party, you need to make sure that you have everything available at your place, including but not limited to glassware rentals, cutlery rental, table and chair rentals, food and drinks. Also, make proper arrangements for party entertainment.

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Everything You Need to Host an Epic Fourth of July Party

4th july party

Are you thinking about hosting 4th of July event? Are you worried about Independence Day party arrangements? Or are you looking for decoration items to decorate your party venue? Well, if so, then you need to consider event rental services. You can find every item on rent, including but not limited to 4th of July party rentals. With right party supplies, you can easily host an amazing event within budget.

Hosting 4th of July Party

With July 4th just around the corner, festive vibes can be felt everywhere. Sparks will definitely fly when you throw a bursting party for your guests. From dazzling decoration to tasty desserts, everything needs to be sorted to host an entertaining Independence Day party.

No matter if you are hosting the event for school kids or adults, you need to pay proper attention over planning to make your event successful. Putting together a great Independence Day celebration is all about PLANNING… because the failure or success of your event will depend on how much 4th of July party planning you have done.

Tips for celebrating 4th of July in Style

Festive Invites: No matter you are sending paper invites or inviting your guests via digital messages, your invitation should provide festive vibes. Use stars and stripes in your invitation. Your invites will act like teaser of your party.

Colorful Decoration: 4th of July party decoration should look different from other parties. For that you need to find the correct party decoration items. You can embrace blue, red and white colors to decorate your party venue. In order to take your party to the next level, keep everything in sync, including but not limited to tent decoration, curtains, tablecloths and serving plates.

Delicious beverages: In hot summer days, people seek cool beverages. Make sure to serve chilled cocktails and mock tails at your party venue.

Tasty Food: Food is heart and soul of any party. Your 4th of July Party menu should contain some Native American food items. This will aggrandize the party fun. Also, make avail right chinaware, cutlery, and glassware rentals to serve your guests in style.

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Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Tent

wedding tents

The only thing that couple cannot plan for on their wedding is outdoor condition. Fortunately, there is a solution that not only looks after of that potential outdoor wedding issues, but does it in style — wedding tents! With a pop of different styles and types, it is never been simpler to personalize wedding tents to your tastes.

Hosting an outdoor wedding without tent is not a good idea. You need to make sure that your wedding function does not get ruined by rain, wild winds and harsh sunlight. Otherwise, you and your guests have to deal with chaotic situations at the venue on the wedding day.

Beautiful Wedding Tent Ideas

A tented wedding demands a lot of planning, but it is well worth the money and effort. All indoor weddings look alike. A tent is always gorgeous, and you know your reception party is going to be different from one anyone else’s. There are many ways of decorating wedding tents, from lightings to flowers to hangings. Overall, decoration of wedding tents depends on the items you use under the tent.

Decorate with flowers

In order to create romantic aura, decorate your wedding tent with beautiful flowers. You can use colorful flowers for this purpose. People generally use roses, orchids and lilies.  In fact, you can opt for readymade wedding bouquets to make decoration task easier.

Use colorful curtains

It is possible to change entire look and feel of your tent with beautiful curtains. You can use royal colors to create a beautiful contrast in your tent décor. Then, you can further decorate curtains with adorable accessories. You can even match the linens with curtains. This will synchronize your tent decoration.

Try different type of lights

For night weddings, lighting is must. There are many types, colors and styles of lights available these days. With colorful twinkling lights, it is possible to create an ultimate setup inside the tent.

Adorable hangings

When you visit party rental company, you will find adorable hanging items for tent decoration. You can use these items inside tent and create an ultimate wedding aura. Make sure you rent the right kind of hangings.

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How to host an incredible Great Gatsby themed party

Great Gatsby themed party

Following the success of Great Gatsby movie, everyone is obsessed with hosting Great Gatsby themed party. Gatsby parties are like glamour parade. You need a lot of event rental items to make your Gatsby party incredible, because Gatsby style celebration is not an easy task. With party rentals you can make this task less expensive. It is important to create the perfect Gatsby like setup to provide the party feel.

How to Host a Great Gatsby Party: The Revival of Vintage-Themed Parties

Hosting a great Gatsby party is just like hosting any other themed party. You need to plan everything systematically and arrange stuff as per party theme, from decoration to food to dress code, everything should match with the party theme. And when theme of your party is Great Gatsby, you need to think out of the box and stretch your budget.

Planning Great Gatsby Themed Party

Pick time and location: Gatsby parties should always be organized during evening that will last till late night. When selecting a party venue, consider guest list, weather and budget.

Send personalized invitation: Since you are hosting a vintage style party, you need to send invitation cards to everyone. Text messages, emails and phone calls won’t be apt this themed party. Make shimmery invitation cards that provide rich and royal touch.

Focus on decoration: Decoration is heart and soul of Great Gatsby Party. You need to make sure that you have all the required party rentals for this. Everything from tables to chairs, glassware to tablecloths, curtains to centrepieces, should look vintage and rich. Use feathers, gold chandeliers and candelabras rentals.

Find perfect entertainment: No matter how good food you serve at your party or how well you decorate your party venue, your guests won’t enjoy until you make proper arrangement for entertainment.

The Glamour element: The Great Gatsby Parties are all about vintage glamour. You need to make sure that your party looks like ultimate fashion parade.

Serve Drinks: There are only two rules of serving drinks in Great Gatsby themed parties – 1. You must serve a lot of champagne. 2. You must not run out of champagne. When it comes to drinks, people expect a lot of champagne.

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Everything You Need To Know To Host A Fabulous Cocktail Party

party rentals

Everyone loves cocktail parties. Lots of giggles, amazing drinks and mouth-watering snacks…..that’s what cocktail parties are all about for the guests, but it is host who knows how much effort is required to host a successful cocktail party. In order to host a cocktail party that is enjoyed by everyone, party host or hostess has to make a lot of arrangements, including but not limited to bar setup, decoration, cocktail party rentals and cocktail glassware. It is not possible to host a good cocktail party without paying attention over party arrangement, because cocktail party is not just about friends enjoying over drinks. There are several etiquettes and manners of hosting the cocktail party.

How to throw a cocktail party

Cocktail party is much like a classy party, where people gather over drink in a nice outfit and have chat with others in a sophisticated environment. In order to accomplish this, you need to make such arrangements.

Start from Drinks: Alcohol is the soul of cocktail parties. It is important to make sure that you have a variety of alcohol in your bar. Different people have different taste in alcoholic drinks. You should have beer, wine, whiskey, scotch, champagne in your bar. Also, do remember to include some soft drinks.

Food is also important: No matter if it is a cocktail party or any other party, food is must. You should include some good snacks to eat with cocktail. And if it is a dinner party, then arrange dinner that go with your party theme.

The bar setup: Now you are hosting a cocktail party, it should look like a cocktail party. Set up a bar.  A proper bar. Include bar tables and chairs. You can opt for party chair rentals for this purpose. Proper setup will provide the real bar like feeling, and aggrandizes the party fun. You can find all bar essentials on rent.

Arrange beautiful glassware: Glassware is another important part of cocktail parties. You should have proper glassware to serve different types of drinks. Purchasing party glassware can be expensive, you should consider renting glassware for you cocktail party.

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